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Natural Shorelines Protect Our Lakes and Rivers

Post Date:03/31/2016 12:53 PM

Residents who own waterfront property have a responsibility to maintain and protect the natural shoreline, in order to safeguard the health of our local water bodies. Lac La Biche County is home to numerous lakes and watercourses.

Riparian habitat protects our lakes 

Riparian areas are the shorelines directly adjacent to lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. Typically, you'll see aquatic plants and grass, shrubs and trees that thrive in a water-rich environment located on riparian areas along shorelines. Riparian vegetation is vital to the health of our lakes and rivers. This vegetation traps sediment that would otherwise enter the lake or river and affect water quality. It reduces erosion and flooding. Riparian vegetation maintains and improves water quality by diluting and absorbing toxins and excess nutrients entering the system through water run-off. Finally, riparian vegetation is home to a diverse array of insects and animals.

What can you do?

Many landowners may wish to make changes to the shorelines on their properties. Common landscaping projects include clearing vegetation, adding fill, sand or rocks and building docks or retaining walls. 

All of these projects have a negative environmental impact on the delicate ecosystem of local water bodies. Retaining or restoring the shoreline on your property to its natural state is the best way to protect our local water bodes.

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