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Catholic School District Tax Collection in the Lac La Biche Area

Post Date:12/03/2016 8:16 PM

A recent story in the December 2016 edition of the Your County In Touch newsletter (click here to view the article on page 2) made reference to the Lakeland Catholic School District's establishment in the Lac La Biche area.

As noted in the article, the County will soon send residents who identified as Catholic in a specific region of the County a letter. The letter will allow those who identified as Catholics the chance to provide written notice to Lac La Biche County in they wish to change their declaration or registered owner information. They may, in short, choose to change their declaration to allow their tax dollars to fund the public rather than Catholic school system. Note that those who have not identified as Catholic will have their tax dollars directed to fund public schools.

Residents will have three weeks from the mailing date of the notice to change their declaration. If no written notice is received, your property will be assessable for the separate Catholic school district in the area. Individuals may file notices at any subsequent time.

To find out if your property falls within the bounds of the Lakeland Catholic School District, click here to view a map. Properties within the black border fall within the Lakeland Catholic School District.