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Vision: Welcoming by Nature; Your Playground of Opportunity.
Mission: To build a region of excellence by delivering progressive, sustainable programs and services.

How the County Operates

Lac La Biche County is governed by a Mayor and eight Councillors. They form County Council and are elected every four years by local residents, as laid out by Alberta's Municipal Government Act. The Mayor is elected from the County at large but each Councillor is elected from one of seven different wards. Each ward represents a different area of the County. Ward 7, the hamlet of Lac La Biche, is represented by two councillors due to its higher population.

As a legislative body and as elected officials, it is County Council’s job to make decisions on behalf of all County residents. Council determines the County’s strategic direction, creates bylaws and policies to govern the municipality, sets an annual budget and provides other direction to administration on rules, regulations and what services are to be provided within the County.

County Council has one employee – the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The CAO’s job is to advise Council, implement the policies and decisions Council makes, and manage the delivery of municipal services. The CAO organizes and oversees the staff and resources needed to manage day-to-day operations.The organization chart outlines all the positions and departments in the County.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The County follows strict guidelines to ensure personal information is correct and protected. As an open and transparent government organization, every effort is made to meet requests for public information about policies, programs, decisions and actions. However, if you need to request confidential information from Lac La Biche County, you have the right to access information through a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) request. Depending on the staff time and research required for data retrieval, fees may be charged.