Public Participation

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PublicParticipationLac La Biche County believes in providing the public with opportunities to be engaged in important County decisions that affect the community. We encourage public input, and we use public participation to inform our decision-making process when appropriate.

What is public participation? Public participation happens when we ask stakeholders to provide input before we make a decision. For example, we may invite stakeholders to complete a survey or attend an open house so we can learn how they feel about a specific topic.

When is public participation needed? It is necessary when it’s required by Alberta’s Municipal Government Act and other legislation, and when County Council directs Administration to seek public input. There are a variety of circumstances when public participation may be necessary, and these are described in our Public Participation Policy (see below).

How does public participation take place? We use three different levels of public participation: input, consultation and collaboration:

Input: Online and printed polls and surveys
Consultation: Open houses, town hall meetings and workshops
Collaboration: Joint committees or task forces, able to form recommendations to Council

After we seek public input, we report our findings to Council for consideration.

Click here to read our Public Participation Policy.

Current Opportunities for Public Participation

Lac La Biche County is seeking feedback to help develop new bylaws and policies that govern the legalization of recreational cannabis. The Cannabis Act has significant implications for local land use regulations, along with the public consumption and personal cultivation of cannabis.

Residents are invited to complete a survey, to have their say in how these new regulations are developed. The survey will remain open until August 2, 2018. Please click here to complete the survey.