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Regular Council Meeting

  • Date: 10/06/2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM  
  • Location: Council Chambers - McArthur Place

Click here to view the full agenda, complete with agenda attachments, briefings, and request for decision documents (when available).


1.             CALL TO ORDER

To view a livestream of this meeting, please visit the Lac La Biche County website and select the meeting date located under the County Meeting Agendas section.


2.             ADOPTION OF AGENDA


3.             ADOPTION OF MINUTES

3.1           Regular Council Meeting Minutes-September 22, 2020

3.2           Special Council Meeting Minutes-September 29, 2020




5.             URGENT MATTERS


6.1           Delegation 10:15 a.m.- Ms. Janet Meardi and Mr. Alex Broadbent- Hylo Fire Department

6.1.1        Disposition of Delegation Business

6.2           12:15 p.m.-PUBLIC INPUT SESSION

6.2.1        Ms. Nancy Luyckfassel-Water Treatment Plant at Elinor Lake Resort

6.3           Delegation 2:00 p.m. Staff Sergeant Nutbrown- Quarterly Statistic Review (s.20 Disclosure harmful to law enforcement-FOIP- If necessary) (Briefing)

6.3.1        Disposition of Delegation Business

6.4           Delegation-3:00 p.m.-CLOSED SESSION- Mr. Russell Farmer & Associates-Report Update (s.24-Advice from Officials-FOIP) (Discussion)

6.4.1        Disposition of Delegation Business


7.            NEW BUSINESS

7.1          Councillor Reports (Briefing and Discussion)

7.2          Request for Third Extension to the Subdivision Approval for File 2017-S-002; Elliot, Chris; NW-34-67-16-W4M (Request for Decision) Presented by: Ms. Sheera Bourassa, Planning and Development Officer

7.3          Interim Chief Administrative Officer Report- Quarter 3 (Briefing) Presented by: Mr. Ken Van Buul, Interim Chief Administrative Officer

7.4          Council Correspondence-October (Briefing) Presented by: Ms. Mackenzie Girard, CAO Executive Assistant

7.5          Follow Up Action List-Quarter 3 Review (Request for Decision) Presented by: Ms. Mackenzie Girard, CAO Executive Assistant

7.6           Petition-Elinor Lake Water Treatment Plant (Briefing) Presented by: Ms. Melanie McConnell, Senior Manager, Legislative & Information Services

7.7          Public Works- Manager Reports (Briefing) Presented by: Mr. Brian Shapka, Senior Manager, Public Works

7.8          Recreation & Community Enhancement Report (Briefing) Presented by: Mr. Darrell Lessmeister, Senior Manager, Recreation & Community Enhancement

7.9           Enforcement Services-Third Quarter Report to Council (Briefing) Presented by: Mr. Chris Clark, Manager, Enforcement Services

7.10         Enforcement Services Department Priorities (Request for Decision) Presented by: Mr. Chris Clark, Manager, Enforcement Services

7.11         Revision of Monthly Financial Report to Council (Request for Decision Following Notice of Motion) Presented by: Councillor Beniuk

7.12         Halloween (Discussion)

7.13         Committee Appointments-Members at Large-Municipal Planning Commission, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Agricultural Service Board and Lac La Biche County Library Board (Request for Decision) Presented by: Ms. Melanie McConnell, Senior Manager, Legislative and Information Services and Ms. Danielle Cardinal, Legislative Services Coordinator


8.             CLOSED SESSION 

8.1           Enforcement Matter-ENF-19-029 (s.17-Disclosure harmful to personal privacy, s.20- Disclosure harmful to law enforcement and s.27-Privileged information-FOIP) (Briefing)

8.2           Delegation-3:00 p.m. Russell Farmer & Associates Report Update (s.24-Advice from officials-FOIP) (Discussion)



9.1           Enforcement Matter-ENF-19-029 (s.17, s.20, and s.27-FOIP) (Briefing)


10.           NOTICES OF MOTION


11.           ADJOURNMENT

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