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Recount conducted for Ward 7, election outcome unchanged

Recount initiated by Returning Officer to guarantee accurate ballot accounts

Post Date:10/19/2017 11:35 AM

A recount of three Ward 7 ballot boxes has been conducted, resulting in updated vote totals for Ward 7 but not changing the outcome of the election.

No Ward 7 candidates, official agents or scrutineers requested a recount. Lac La Biche County’s Returning Officer initiated the recount after reviewing the ballot accounts for three of the voting stations, and determining that the number of rejected ballots had the potential to affect the results of the election.

In order to determine how many ballots were rejected on the basis of being left blank and how many were rejected for other reasons, as outlined in the Local Authorities Election Act, the recount was deemed necessary to verify the ballot accounts from these stations.

The recount was done at 9 a.m. today in Council Chambers at McArthur Place. It led to different results for Lac La Biche Advance and Institutional (Hospital) ballot accounts, as shown in this chart:

  Elected Total Lac La Biche - ADV INST - Hospital
 Anderson, Dan    216 20  5
 Bliss, Bess    46 3  0
 Chamberlin, Cliff    211 37  1
 Cote, Colin X  225 30  1
 Deheer, Brian    160 18  1
 Mondal, John    200 17  0
Nowak, John Paul    161 32  2
Tkachuk, Lorin X  465 66  5


While the total results have been revised, the recount was necessary to ensure accurate ballot accounts, which are required by the Local Authorities Election Act. Having these completed and verified accounts allows for greater trust in the electoral process.

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