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Fire season ends on October 31

Residents should report winter burning, inspect old burn sites

Post Date:10/26/2017 1:25 PM

Fire season comes to an end on October 31, meaning permits will no longer be required for burning.

Even though permits are not necessary from November 1-February 28, residents should still report wintertime burning to Lac La Biche County’s Protective Services department by calling (780) 623-6767. This lets the authorities know where to expect smoke.

People should also inspect old burn sites to make sure that previous fires, including campfires, are completely extinguished. It is possible for fires to burn into the soil, keep smouldering underground, and resurface months later.

So far in 2017, Lac La Biche County Fire Rescue has responded to a much lower number of wildfire incidents than in previous years. Reasons for this include a relatively wet spring and summer, and increased public awareness of fire hazards.

“We have the weather and our own local residents to thank for keeping wildfires in our area to a minimum this year,” said Regional Fire Chief John Kokotilo, Manager of Protective Services. “People have made a point of being cautious and complying with regulations, and I hope this level of commitment to safety continues after fire season ends.”

The County has undertaken several FireSmart projects to reduce the risk of wildfire in rural areas. FireSmart programs and services for residents are expected to continue next year.

Fire season begins again on March 1, 2018.

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