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Fire restriction lifted for Lac La Biche County

Post Date:06/04/2018 9:39 AM

As of June 4, 2018, the fire restriction that was previously in place for Lac La Biche County has been lifted due to low temperatures and high humidity.

New fire permits will once again be issued. Any permits that were previously cancelled or dated before June 4, 2018 must be approved again. Call 780-623-6767 for more information.

Residents are allowed to build small campfires for warmth or cooking, but be sure to have enough water nearby to fully extinguish the fire after use. Do not leave your fires unattended. You may be held liable for all costs relating to emergency response if the fire gets away from you. All other burning is restricted.

Be mindful if operating ATVs in grassy areas, even in improved conditions. In just five minutes of idling, quad engines and hotspots reach over 200 degrees. Grass build up will ignite at these temperatures. Clear your machine hotspots frequently. Watch along your path for smoke or smouldering grass. Try to return on the same route that you took to locate any possible fires that you may have started.

It’s a good idea to clarify which fire permitting jurisdiction your property falls under: the Green Zone (the jurisdiction of the Government of Alberta’s Agriculture & Forestry department), or the Yellow Zone (the jurisdiction of Lac La Biche County). 

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