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October is Pedestrian Safety Month

Post Date:10/01/2020 8:37 AM

October is Pedestrian Safety Month, and Lac La Biche County Peace Officers will be out reminding motorists and pedestrians to use crosswalks and be safe when sharing the road.

Alberta collision statistics show that there are more than 1,000 pedestrians injured in collisions annually, and it is the third leading case of fatal collisions. Most pedestrian collisions occur during dusk or dawn, when lighting conditions are reduced and it's harder to see.

As we progress into the winter months and daylight hours get shorter, we'd like to remind pedestrians to ensure that they're wearing reflective clothing that isn't dark in colour. Pedestrians can also wear safety equipment, like reflective strips or flashing light clips if they're on roadways. When crossing roads, always use intersections, and preferably ones that have lighting or crosswalk lights.

Peace Officers would also like to remind motorists to watch for pedestrians while they're out. As colder months approach, wildlife is on the move more often, and motorists should be constantly aware of their surroundings and scanning for wildlife on roadways, too.

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