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Lac La Biche County and New Provincial COVID-19 Regulations (Updated March 3, 2021)

Post Date:03/03/2021 12:00 PM

March 3, 2021 Update: Low Intensity Fitness at the Bold Center and Portage Pool

On Monday, March 8, 2021, the Bold Center and Portage Pool will open for individual or household cohort, low-intensity fitness in addition to Step 1 availability, as per the Province’s “A Path Forward” roadmap. This will include lane swimming and the use of the Cenovus Fitness Centre and the Canadian Natural Track.

Note: Higher intensity activities, private training and conditioning are still available as one-on-one or a one-to-household cohort basis with a certified trainer or coach, as per the February 8, 2021 update.

Below highlights additional services and hours which will become available on March 8. 

Bold Center

Facility Hours: Monday to Friday: 6 am to 9 pm. Saturday: 11 am to 3 pm.
Statutory Holidays: TBD
Child Mind Services: Remain closed

Cenovus Field Houses 1 & 2 are not available for general use at this stage of the public health measures. These facilities are only available for organized youth group physical activities.

The food court is available for pick up/take out orders.

Portage Pool

Lane swim and water jogging at Portage Pool are available Monday to Thursday, from 11 am to 3 pm. The steam room and hot tub will remain closed.

Time slots are available for viewing/booking using our online portal (an account is required to activate): You can also call 780-623-6777.

For private/cohort swim lessons, conditioning, and training, please visit or call 780-623-6777 for availability.

Plamondon Arena

The Plamondon Arena is available for school bookings and team conditioning (no public or drop-in times are available) until the end of March 2021.

The Top Shelf Grill remains open for take out orders: call or text 780-520-4853.

Bold Center: Additional Information on Low-Intensity Fitness Access Starting March 8

  • Patrons must book in advance to use the Cenovus Fitness Centre and the Canadian Natural Track.
  • 1.5 hour time slots are available and times can be viewed and booked one week at a time using the online An account is required to activate.
  • Patrons can also call 780-623-3829 to book fitness times or cancel time slots as needed.
  • For safety and proper distancing, capacities will be limited to maximum of 10 people on the track and 15 people in the fitness centre at one time.
  • Patrons must wear a mask in the facility at all times, even during physical activity in the Cenovus Fitness Centre and on the Canadian Natural Track.
  • Patrons must maintain 3 metres of distance between other patrons and staff.
  • Access to change rooms will be limited. Steam rooms will remain closed, and towel service is not available.
  • Cardio machines will be made available in limited numbers for low intensity training.
  • We ask that patrons abide by the province’s “low intensity” definition to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Refrain from running/sprinting, heavy lifting (no spotting), and high intensity interval training where rate of respiration is increased.
  • Twice-Wipe Rule: patrons are asked to wipe equipment both before and after use.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes will continue to be offered virtually at this time.

Child/Youth Programs

There are some in-person recreation and aquatics programs available. Please see for more information.

For FCSS-related programs and services (virtual or in-person), please follow @LLBCountyFCSS on Facebook for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions: County Facility and Program Changes

The following changes apply to County facilities, programming and services. Please also ensure that you familiarize yourself with the Government of Alberta's enhanced public health measures, and be sure to follow all of those that apply to you and your family.

 Bill Payment Options 

McArthur Place

  • McArthur Place is closed to the public, and will be accessible by appointment only. Please call 780-623-1747 for assistance.
  • If you plan to meet with a County staff member, it is preferred to contact them by phone, email, or other virtual methods. Please consult our online staff directory, or call 780-623-1747 for assistance.

County Centre

  • County Centre remains closed to the public, and will be accessible by appointment only. Please call 780-623-1747 for assistance.
  • If you plan to meet with a County staff member, it is preferred to contact them by phone, email, or other virtual methods. Please consult our online staff directory, or call 780-623-1747 for assistance.

Bold Center

  • See the March 3 update above.
  • Snowshoe rentals will be made available both online and by phone to arrange pick up times and payments. Call 780-623-3829 to register or to rent snowshoes.

Plamondon Arena

  • See the March 3 update above.

Permitted Activities at the Bold Center and Plamondon Arena

The Bold Center and Plamondon Arena may be booked for activities permitted by Alberta Health Services. Minimum one-hour timeslots are able to be booked through the Bookings & Events Administration by emailing or calling 780-404-5580. 

Children's Activities
You can book the Bold Center and Plamondon Arena for the following activities:

  • School/team activities: Activities for children and youth (participants must be 18 years of age and under), including practices, lessons, and conditioning activities. Max of 10 individuals, including coaches, trainers, and participants).
  • One-on-one children/youth rentals or bookings: One-on-one & family cohort personal training and conditioning (when authorized by the association or club due to certification and insurance requirements). Sessions must be booked by appointment and paid for in advance. For one-on-one training, parent or guardian accompaniment (one per family) will be permitted in the designated training area for safety reasons. Siblings are not allowed to be in attendance.

Available times for bookings (excluding fitness-related bookings):

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 4:30 to 8 pm
  • Saturdays: 11 am to 3 pm.

Staff will reassess times based on bookings and demand. Renters are permitted access 15 minutes before rental time at no charge to complete contact tracing at the front desk (i.e. names of child/parent/instructor with cell phone numbers). Renters may access the Bold Center by using the buzzer at the entrance door. A Bold Center staff member will let them in. Only those with bookings will be provided entry, as general use of facilities is not currently permitted.

Personal Fitness Training
The Bold Center is now accepting personal one-on-one training sessions with clients. Please call 780-623-3829 for available times and fees.

New clients require a consultation with the Personal Trainer first, and need to complete the Get Active Questionnaire and Informed Consent Form.

Additional Rules for Permitted Activities

All team sport/school and one-on-one personal training coaches and participants must adhere to Alberta Health Services' guidelines when sharing space:

Children and youth will be allowed to participate in limited school and team sport Activities.

  • Lessons, practices, and conditioning activities are allowed for indoor and outdoor, team-based, minor sports activities and school athletics.
  • Games are not allowed.
  • Maximum of 10 total individuals, including all coaches, trainers, and participants.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained between participants at all times:
    • 3-metres physical distance for indoor activities.
    • 2-metres physical distance for outdoor activities.
    • Coaches or trainers may enter physical distancing space for brief interactions with participants (for example, to correct form or technique).
  • Participants must be masked at all times, except during the training activity. Coaches and trainers must remain masked at all times.
  • Access to change rooms must be limited, including accelerated arrival and departure, emergencies (for example, first aid, and washroom use).

One-on-one training participants must, in addition to rules listed above, follow these guidelines:

  • More than one trainer and client 'pair' are allowed in the facility, studio, rink, court, pool, ice surface, etc. with restrictions:
    • Each trainer and client pair must stay 3 metres away from all other trainers and clients at all times, including in entryways and exits.
    • Each trainer can only interact with their assigned client, and each client can only interact with their assigned trainer.
    • No interaction between clients or between trainers is allowed.
    • No 'cycling through' multiple trainers, as in circuit training.

Stuart MacPherson Public Library

Portage Pool

  • See the March 3 update above. 

Private and Family Cohort Swimming Lessons at Portage Pool

Private and family cohort swimming lessons are allowed to proceed by appointment.

  • Lessons are offered once per week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4 to 6:30 pm in 30-minute private lesson slots with 2 instructors running classes simultaneously.
  • Lessons start the week of February 22 and end the week of April 12, 2020.
  • Lessons are open to family cohorts from the same household. Those with multiple children must be within 2 levels of each other to book the same time slot.
  • The parent or guardian must be in the water to support participants for preschool levels and levels 1 to 3, or one parent/guardian accompaniment per family on benches.
  • Instructors will teach from the deck or, if absolutely needed in the water, will wear face shields.
  • Participants should come prepared to swim, but may use change rooms to dry off and change before leaving.
  • No hot tub or steam room use is permitted.

To book your private lessons, please contact Portage Pool at 780-623-6777 Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm.

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) Programs

  • All in-person programming has been cancelled. 
  • Virtual options have been set up in some cases to replace in-person programs. Please check the Lac La Biche County Family & Community Support Services Facebook page, or call 780-520-8576 for more information.
  • The FCSS toy lending and equipment library continues to be made available to County residents by appointment. Please contact FCSS Young Families at 780-623-6365.

Community Access Bus Services

  • Paratransit Services will be available for medical appointments and prescription deliveries only.
  • Community Access Bus Stops will be closed until further notice.

Reuse Centres at County Landfills and Transfer Stations

  • Reuse centres at County landfills and transfer stations were closed as of Monday, December 7, 2020.
  • Please note that landfills and transfer stations remain operational, and will be open for regular hours.

Outdoor Trails, Parks, Playgrounds, and Ice Rinks

  • Outdoor trails, parks, and playgrounds remain available to the public, but users must follow all Alberta Health Services' guidelines and restrictions.
  • Outdoor ice rinks will be open when the ice is ready (weather-dependent). Alberta Health Services’ regulations will apply at each rink, and signage will be posted.

Stay Posted for Further Updates

County staff have been working hard to develop opportunities for the community to stay active and healthy, from offering snowshoe rentals to online programming that you can follow along with at home. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to meet Alberta Health Services’ requirements and keep our community safe.

COVID-19 regulations are continually being clarified and changed, and we will provide updates as soon as we are able. Please stay tuned to the Lac La Biche County, Bold Center, Portage Pool, Lac La Biche County Family & Community Support Services, and Young Family Connections Facebook pages, along with our website, for more information as it develops.

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