Local Emergency Alerting System

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Every second counts in an emergency situation. That’s why Lac La Biche County is implementing a local emergency alerting system, so we can directly inform residents about wildfires, floods and other situations that may affect them.

We expect this system to be up and running in late May or early June. When the system launches, you will be able to register to receive notifications. Please check back here for updates, or keep an eye on our Facebook page (@laclabichecounty).

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Note: The alerting system includes Whitepages listings that are current as of two years ago. This means that, in the event of a severe or life-threatening emergency, you may receive a voice call from our alerting system on your landline telephone, even if you do not sign up for any notifications. This is done so we can ensure we reach everyone who may be affected by a dangerous situation.

System test

As part of implementing the alerting system, a test is required to ensure it’s working correctly. When the test happens, all of the phone numbers in the system’s Whitepages listings will be called with a recorded message. The message will tell residents who receive this call about the alerting system, and invite them to fully register.

Why is the County doing this?

Many other municipalities are using local emergency alerting systems to communicate with their residents. In addition to using social media and our website, this system will allow us to reach residents throughout our community, at any time. The system won’t replace our usual emergency procedures, but it will help us ensure the highest possible number of people are contacted and know what to do when an emergency happens in their area.

We understand that introducing this system is a new direction for us, and residents may have questions about what this means for them. Please read the FAQ below.

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