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Throughout 2021, TELUS will be working in local neighbourhoods to connect the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon to the TELUS PureFibre™ network - Canada’s #1 internet technology for speed and reliability.1

About the Project 

The TELUS PureFibre network is made up of flexible, transparent, durable strands of glass. These fibre optic strands transmit information as pulses of light, and carry huge amounts of information in the space of seconds.

TELUS Connection Pic

TELUS is the only major provider in Western Canada with a 100% fibre optic connection to the home.1 That means a fast, always consistent connection. Other providers’ networks switch to copper cable before reaching homes, meaning their customers don’t see the benefits of a true fibre connection. Once PureFibre construction is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless streaming, gaming and video calls.  

Connecting your community to the TELUS PureFibre™ network means that you will have access to the unique opportunities that fibre optic internet brings to residents, businesses, organizations, and essential services. Once it is installed, homes and businesses have the option to connect to the fibre optic network and experience the country’s fastest internet technology.1

Location and Impacts 

The majority of construction will take place on public boulevards and utility rights-of-way. In cases where some work needs to take place on private property, TELUS will send out communications to all homeowners in the construction area. In accordance with COVID-19 health restrictions, all TELUS team members and contractors will be following all safety precautions on work sites.

TELUS Did You Know

TELUS-Provided Maps of Build Areas 

Sept 30 nLac La Biche map

TELUS has shared an updated map of the PureFibre build in the hamlets of Lac La Biche County. If you're a resident in the green area, service is now available to order! Contact TELUS for more information.
The areas highlighted in blue are under construction, with fibre available by the end of October. Areas in yellow (including the hamlet of Plamondon at the centre of the map) are also under construction, with fibre available in those spots by the end of November.
If you have any questions about the project, be sure to contact TELUS (contact information provided below).

2021 Project 

The 2021 build is anticipated to run between April and December with the first neighborhoods ready for service by late August.

Not already a TELUS customer? Visit to sign up to have your home connected to the TELUS PureFibre network.

Resident Letters and Construction Notifications

If you live within the build scope and are already a TELUS copper internet customer you can look forward to receiving one or both of the following letters in the mail.

Not a TELUS customer yet? Keep your eyes out for these letters in your mail, or if you are in the build area you can expect a visit from our Door to Door team to help with any inquiries.

Spring Restoration 

Part of TELUS’ overall community investment is ensuring the restoration of all property to the same condition it was in prior to construction. This can include soft surface restoration such as leveling with new topsoil and planting grass seed. In places where hard surfaces are impacted, such as concrete or asphalt driveways, TELUS will always fill and repair an impact afterwards. Some restoration may have to wait until spring as this work is weather dependent, and will resume as soon as the ground conditions permit. 


Once the TELUS PureFibre install is complete, reseeding will take place in all impacted areas. Click here for detailed watering instructions for newly reseeded property.

General guidelines:

  • Keep the reseeded area lightly watered until the grass is established. This may include watering several times daily, being careful not to over-water as the seeds can rot.
  • Try to stay off the reseeded areas. 
  • Do not cut or rake the reseeded areas until the new grass has matured - give the grass time to grow.


Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this project including construction, TELUS PureFibre™ details, or TELUS services, please contact:

Jeff Nichol
Senior Regional Marketing Manager
Home Solutions Community & Channels | 780-293-5401

If you have any questions or concerns regarding construction, please contact:

CTI Escalation and Information Hotline - (780) 914-5891

  1. Traditional copper wire or copper wire hybrid networks are subject to capacity constraints and environmental stresses that do not affect TELUS fibre optic technology, which is based on light signals. Not available in all areas. Individual results may vary depending on location, usage within the home network, Internet traffic, applicable network management or server configurations. For a description of TELUS’ network management practices please see