Economic Development

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Lac La Biche County is welcoming by nature and open for business. We work with stakeholders to encourage economic growth and attract new residents, businesses and visitors to our community. Our advantages are many, and so are your opportunities to discover this special part of Alberta.

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Areas of Focus

Business DevelopmentInvesting 2

Tourism DevelopmentWorkforce

 Economic Drivers

  1. Agriculture
  2. Forestry
  3. Oil and gas
  4. Transportation
  5. Tourism

Why Lac La Biche County?

The real question is “Why not Lac La Biche County?” Newcomers have flocked to this area for hundreds of years for its resources, its strategic location and its raw natural beauty.

  1. Prime location: We are situated at a highway crossroads midway between Edmonton and Fort McMurray, with a direct route to the South Athabasca Oil Sands.
  2. Intriguing history and diversity: The fur trade brought Indigenous peoples and European settlers together here, and people of many cultures have come to start new lives in our region.
  3. Paradise for outdoor enthusiasts: Hundreds of lakes, mile after mile of boreal forest backcountry, provincial parks offering experiences you won’t find anywhere else – all of this and more is waiting for you.
  4. Small-town or country life: Our urban centres are free of the big-city hustle and bustle but still have all necessary amenities. A short drive takes you out into beautiful, unspoiled countryside.
  5. Room to grow: We have land available for development, and plans in place to guide our community’s growth responsibly.
  6. Varied economy: Our connection to the energy sector is obvious, but our agriculture, forestry and tourism industries are also well established and going strong.
  7. High-quality services: Our community boasts a college campus and a hospital, and we take pride in delivering infrastructure, innovative programs and services that enhance our residents’ quality of life.

For more information about economic development, call (780) 623-6737 or email