Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan

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This summer, Lac La Biche County will be preparing an updated Lac La Biche Watershed Management Plan (WMP) to replace the previous WMP from 2009. Please stayed tuned in the coming weeks for more information about the project and opportunities to get involved. If you would like to be added to the email list for project updates, please email

About the watershed

A watershed is an area of land, bounded by topographic features, where precipitation, groundwater, and bodies of water such as streams, rivers, marshes or lakes drain into a larger body of water. A watershed is made up of a number of sub-watersheds.   

The Lac La Biche Watershed is approximately 4,370 square kilometres and is primarily located within Lac La Biche County. The Lac La Biche Watershed drains into Lac La Biche, which then drains into the La Biche River. The La Biche River then flows into the Athabasca River.

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What is a Watershed Management Plan?

The 2020 WMP will be an adaptable, comprehensive, evidence-based plan that includes action plans to help protect and improve water quality and keep the lake and watershed healthy, while balancing environmental, economic and community needs within the watershed. The 2020 WMP is intended to serve as a guiding document for decision-makers within the watershed including:

  • Government of Alberta
  • Municipalities
  • Local communities, organizations, and residents

The 2020 WMP will include:

  • Evaluation of historical and current conditions of the watershed
  • Identification of resources and concerns
  • Identification of objectives, recommendations, and actions for the long-term management of land and water resources
  • Implementation and monitoring plans

Project Steering Committee

A Steering Committee was established to help guide the preparation of the updated WMP. The Steering Committee includes representatives from Lac La Biche County Council and Administration, Alberta Environment & Parks, Indigenous communities, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs), Healthy Waters Lac La Biche, local and regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local industry (forestry, oil and gas), and local associations and organizations.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to:

  • Develop Terms of Reference for the preparation of the 2020 WMP
  • Identify and compile all technical and scientific information that may be required for the 2020 WMP
  • Adopt a structured decision-making process that will allow partners and stakeholders with diverse values and interests to effectively update the WMP
  • Organize public engagement to share information and receive input from interested partners, stakeholders, and watershed area residents
  • Prepare an updated, draft WMP for:
    • Review by Alberta Environment & Parks
    • Consideration by Lac La Biche County Council