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Guides for Developers

The County’s Land Use Bylaw spells out what kind of development can be done in the County. It sets out rules for agriculture, residential and rural subdivisions, business and industrial development, and rezoning. Policies, planning documents like General Municipal Servicing Standards and maps, permits, certificates and inspections ensure rules and regulations are clear and enforced. It is strongly recommended people read our Development Information Package before making a development application.

Residential Permits

Each significant element of a development requires a separate permit before work begins. Permit holders have specific responsibilities. Information Regarding Permits for Single Family Homes contains details regarding applications, inspections, new home warranty, and other aspects of building a single family home. Requirements for contractor inspection stages are different from homeowner inspection stages.

For general information about permitting, please read the 2017 Permits and Compliance guide from The Inspections Group. Here are specific permit application forms for residential homes:

Commercial Developments

Commercial developments are subject to different requirements such as Schedules of Professional Involvement. County planning bylaws and policies commercial developers should be aware of the rescinded Off-site Levies and Access Approach regulations. Copies of the Municipal Development Plan and Area Structure Plans are available upon request.

Subdivision & Rezoning

Before making a rezoning application or subdivision application, please read the County’s Rezoning Information Package or the Subdivision Information Package. Anyone who wants to subdivide or rezone a property must meet the County’s public consultation requirements. Anyone needing more time to meet subdivision approval conditions can fill out and submit a Subdivision Extension request.

Subdivision & Development Appeals

The Subdivision & Development Appeal Board is a quasi-judicial board that hears appeals from people who disagree with a development or subdivision decision made by the County’s Municipal Planning Commission. The Board may uphold or reverse the Commission’s decision or change the conditions of approval. The Subdivision & Development Appeal Board is independent of the Commission and the planning and development department. Email Legislative Services or call 780-623-6806 for more information.  

County Land Sales

From time to time land owned by the County becomes surplus. County land sales policy and procedures ensure it is a fair and transparent process.

Rural Residents Signs

People wanting to post a rural address sign must follow County rural residential address guidelines.



The County has south/central and north/east Lac La Biche County ownership maps and Lac La Biche and Plamondon town address maps for sale at County’s main office for a nominal fee.