Waste and Recycling

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Lac La Biche County offers a variety of services for residents to dispose of waste and recyclable materials. As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship, the County also seeks ways to minimize waste volumes and encourages community members to reduce, reuse and recycle. We use a combination of practical measures and education to achieve our waste reduction goals.

*Please note that effective May 1, 2021, there will be an increase in tipping fees. 
As the rates haven’t been adjusted for several years, a phased-in approach will be implemented to achieve cost recovery for the disposal and processing costs of our waste and recycling material. Please review the Tipping Fees overview below under Popular Links. 

Recycling is an important issue for us all. Please review the link below, under Popular Links, regarding What Goes Where. Let's work together to ensure less waste enters our landfills. 

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Year-Round Waste and Recycling Initiatives
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Landfills and Transfer Stations

The County operates two landfills and four transfer stations. The Beaver Lake and Plamondon landfills are both Class II facilities, meaning they accept all types of waste except for hazardous materials. Transfer stations are smaller facilities where waste is stored and sorted before being transported to a landfill. Note that all of our Landfills and Transfer Stations now have Oil recycling stations. The transfer stations are located in Craigend, Hylo, Owl River and Rich Lake areas. Click here to see a map of the County's Waste & Recycling Facility Locations and click here for a schedule of site hours.

Residents can use transfer stations as disposal sites, unless they are hauling large trailer loads of waste. All waste from industrial, commercial and institutional customers must be brought to a landfill. Please call (780) 623-6739 for more information or click here for details on tipping fees.

Did You Know... Residents can dispose of acceptable materials for free if their loads weigh less than 500 kilograms (1,102 lbs.) Here are some average item weights for reference:

 Refrigerator  80-160 kg or 175-350 lbs
 Washing Machine  65-115 kg or 145-255 lbs
 Sofa  45-125 kg or 100-275 lbs
 Recliner  40-55 kg or 88-120 lbs

Year-Round Waste and Recycling Initiatives

IMG_1491Curbside Pick-Up Program

A weekly waste and recyclables collection service is provided to residents in the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon and 13 rural subdivisions. This helps to ensure a large percentage of locally generated waste is sorted and processed in the right way.

  • Tuesdays - hamlet of Lac La Biche
  • Wednesdays - hamlet of Plamondon and Churchill Gates, Claude Lake, Clearwater Cove, Deer Meadows, Holowachuk Estates, Lac La Biche West, Lakeview Estates, Mission Spruce Bay, Summit Heights, Sunset Bay, Ulliac Beach, Young's Beach and Wedgewood/Green Banks.

Containers must be out by 8 a.m. on collection day. Click here for information on proper placement and spacing and click here to find out what you can put in each bin. Residents who don't have curbside pick-up service can take waste and recyclables to a landfill or transfer station during regular operating hours.

Recycling Programs

All community members are encouraged to recycle, so the lifespan of our landfills can be extended and so materials can be turned back into usable products.

  • Clean plastic and flattened cardboard, unsoiled paper, appliances and metal, tires, electronics, wood and more can be recycled at all landfills and transfer stations.
  • Oil and oil-related products like filters can be recycled at the Beaver Lake and Plamondon landfills and the Rich Lake transfer station (see map).
  • Residents with curbside pick-up service can use their blue containers to recycle certain materials. Read our What Goes Where? flyer or call (780) 623-6739 for details.

Reuse Centres

Each of the County's landfills and transfer stations have a Reuse Centre and Oil Recycling Stations. You can drop off and pick up gently used items, free of charge. Furniture, tools, exercise equipment, toys and more are accepted. For safety reasons, however, items like clothing and bedding are prohibited. Please call (780) 623-6739 for details.

Seasonal Programs

A Christmas Tree Recycling Program runs every year in the first two weeks of January. Residents with curbside pick-up service can call (780) 623-6739 to arrange for their trees to be collected. Residents outside of the collection area can bring trees to any landfill or transfer station. Only natural trees will be accepted, and trees must not have any tinsel or other decorations left on them. For every tree the County recycles, a sapling is planted in a local park.

To raise awareness of the benefits of composting, the County has implemented a Community Organics Recycling Enhancement (CORE) Program. With composting, organic waste like food leftovers can be turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer. The County hosts educational workshops twice a year, as part of Environment Week and Waste Reduction Week activities. Interested community members can also purchase composters at the County Centre office (13422 Highway 881) for $72 each, plus GST. Green Cones, also known as solar food digestors, are also available for purchase for $116, plus GST. To learn more about what you can put in a Green Cone, click here.

The County organizes Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up and Community Shred-It events twice a year, in June and October, so residents can dispose of toxic, flammable or corrosive items safely. Acceptable items include household cleaners, paint, aerosol cans, batteries and other products that can harm the environment if they go to a landfill.

Large Item Pick-Up Service runs for one week in May (postponed this year due to COVID concerns and restrictions). This opportunity is created for residents to dispose of items like furniture and heavy appliances. Residents living in the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon would normally bring items to the curb to be collected, provided they have called ahead of time to register the items, and rural residents would bring them to landfills and transfer stations at no charge during the program dates. Large loads must go to one of our landfills, Beaver Lake or Plamondon, as our Transfer Stations are limited for material acceptance capacity. 

Call (780) 623-6739 for more information about these programs, including dates and restrictions.