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Lac La Biche County believes in hiring contractors and vendors who offer top quality goods and services at competitive prices. We encourage local businesses to bid on contracts and tenders but reserve the right to select companies and people that can do the best job at the best price. We encourage all contractors and vendors who are interested in working with us to read our Procurement Policy and Procedures.

Truck and Heavy Equipment Registration

Any County contract that involves commercial trucks, trailers or heavy equipment requires the contractor to annually complete a Truck and Equipment Registration. The registration is valid until the end of the calendar year. The form can be emailed, mailed or dropped off at the County Centre.

Current Requests for Proposal/Tenders

Request for Proposals: Economic Development Strategy Update
Addendum 1: Economic Development Strategy Update

Request for Proposals: General Safety Codes Services 

Request for Quotes: Supply of Crushed Gravel 

Invitation to Tender: Bridge File 9799
Addendum 1: Bridge File 9799

Request for Proposals: Pole Sheds
Addendum 1: Pole Sheds