Boat Launches

Boat Launches

Water-based recreation options are one of the County's most enticing features. There are 13 municipal boat launches, giving boaters access to five of the largest and most accessible water bodies. Public launches exist on Lac La Biche Lake, Beaver Lake, Elinor Lake, Fork Lake and Square Lake.

Boat Launch Maps:

Lac La Biche - HamletAround Lac La BicheSouthern Boat Launches

Launches in the Hamlet of Lac La Biche and Area
Launches around Lac La Biche Lake
Launches in Southern Lac La Biche County

The County also installed a 200-foot floating dock in the hamlet of Lac La Biche in 2017. The dock is a great place to moor your boat temporarily, go fishing or watch the sunset. The dock is removed at the end of each boating season.