Statutory Plans

Municipal Government Act 

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the law under which all of Alberta's municipalities receive their powers. All of Lac La Biche County's plans and processes must comply with the MGA. Part 17 of the MGA addresses planning and development.

Lower Athabasca Regional Plan

The Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP) is a long-term plan for northeastern Alberta. Among other functions, the LARP provides guidance to provincial and local decision-makers regarding land use management for the region.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 22-012) is Lac La Biche County's own long-term strategic growth and development plan. It is a legal document, prepared in accordance with Section 632 of the Municipal Government Act. The MDP is a high-level blueprint that shows how our community is expected to change over time, and the shape it will take in future years.

Area Structure Plans

County Council may adopt an Area Structure Plan (ASP) to provide a framework for subdivision and development of a land area within Lac La Biche County. An ASP must describe:

  • The sequence of development proposed for the area;
  • The land uses proposed for the area, either generally or specifically;
  • The population density proposed for the area, either generally or specifically;
  • The general locations of major transportation routes and public utilities.

An ASP may also address any other matters that Council considers necessary.

Click here to view an interactive map of all approved Lac La Biche County ASPs.

Area Structure Plans in progress

Lac La Biche County is preparing the Lac La Biche South Area Structure Plan (ASP) to update and combine two existing ASPs. The combined ASP is meant to reflect the changes in the affected area that have taken place, while providing direction for future growth in the area. The new ASP will address shifts in environmental, transportation, economic, social and cultural spheres that are anticipated in the next 20-plus years.

Click here to read the Lac La Biche South Area Structure Plan Information Package.

Existing Area Structure Plans 

(Please click on the links below to view)

Amity Beach ASP (2016)

Diamond Ridge ASP (2014)

Domain Properties Affordable Housing ASP (2009)

Elinor Lake Horseshoe Subdivision ASP (2010)

Elinor Lake Resort ASP (2017)

Estates of Arbor Field ASP (2016)

Hamlet of Beaver Lake ASP (1993)

Hamlet of Plamondon and Area ASP (2017)

  - Hamlet of Plamondon & Area ASP Amendment (Bylaw 21-032)

Highway 36 ASP (2001)

  - Highway 36 ASP and Amendment (Bylaw 1250/06)

Lac La Biche Airport Area Structure Plan (Bylaw 20-033)

Lac La Biche East ASP (2022)

- Lac La Biche East ASP Amendment (Bylaw 24-013)

Lac La Biche West ASP (2017)

- Lac La Biche West ASP Amendment (Bylaw 23-028)

Lagoon Lake ASP (2008)

Lakeview Estates ASP (2008)

Lakewood ASP (2024)

Moonlight Cove Island View Bay ASP (2005)

North Beach ASP (2003)

Richard Estates ASP (2014)

Sentinel East Industrial Park ASP (2011)

South Lac La Biche Major ASP (2017) 

   - South Lac La Biche Major ASP Amendment

SW 5-67-13-W4M ASP (2004)

Intermunicipal Development Plans

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) are adopted by two or more municipalities for the lands with common boundaries. IDPs adopted under Section 631 of the Municipal Government Act not only address the future land use and development of the bordering municipalities, but also include procedures for municipalities to administer the plans.

IDP Exemptions

Lac La Biche County has received exemptions from creating IDPs with the following municipalities: the MD of Opportunity, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, ID 349, Athabasca County, and Smoky Lake County.

Outline and Concept Plans

An Outline Plan is a non-statutory planning document that must align with Lac La Biche County's higher-level documents and statutory plans like the Municipal Development Plan and applicable Area Structure Plans. The outline is prepared by a landowner or land developer. It provides detailed descriptions of future land development in a specific area, including land uses, road networks, locations of services, etc.

Existing Outline and Concept Plans