Waste and Recycling

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Lac La Biche County offers a variety of services for residents to dispose of waste and recyclable materials. As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship, the County also seeks ways to minimize waste volumes and encourage community members to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

We use a combination of practical measures and education to achieve our waste reduction goals.

But we can't do it without the help of our residents so please take some time to learn about our programs and contact us with any questions.

Do you need to set up an account for charging at Lac La Biche County landfills and transfer stations? Please click here to view and download the customer agreement package.

Take A Virtual Tour

We've recently produced a virtual tour of the Beaver Lake Landfill to help residents understand the process used to sort and categorize waste at our landfills and transfer stations.


To learn more about our programs and services please consult the menu below:

Composting is the process of turning organic waste like food and yard waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

To raise awareness of the benefits of composting, the County offers two composting workshops each year:

Community Organics Recycling Enhancement (CORE) Program - The CORE program provides all the materials that residents need to start composting for free once you’ve attended the workshop.  This workshop is held every June as part of Environment Week. 

Vermicomposting workshop hosted by LICA Environmental Stewards (https://lica.ca/) - Learn the basics of year-round composting – with worms! Build your own vermicomposting bin to take home (one per household). This workshop is held every October as part of Waste Reduction Week.

Compost at Home

If you’re interested in reducing your organic waste, check out these items for sale at Lac La Biche County:

Backyard Tumbling Composter

Accepts fruit and vegetable scraps, as well as yard waste such as grass clippings to produce compost.

Available for $72 plus gst.

Green Cone

Accepts most types of food waste include meat, bones, dairy, and grease.

To learn more, click on the What To Feed Your Green Cone image!

Available for $116 plus GST.

New Composting Site at Beaver Lake Landfill

A new composting pad is now available at the Beaver Lake Landfill! 

The composting pad can be used for leaf and yard waste like grass clippings. Empty out any bags when dropping off at the site, and please ensure that none of the waste you bring is diseased (e.g. branches with black knot fungus, etc.). Any branches must be less than three-quarters of an inch in diametre.

At this time, food waste is not accepted. Food waste is more difficult to compost, so we're figuring out the best way to handle it. Stay tuned for updates!

Like all other residential waste and recycling at our landfills and transfer stations, you can bring in up to 500 kg (approx. 1,100 lbs) of leaf and yard waste free of charge.

Annual Recycling Events

Christmas Tree Recycling - runs every year in the first two weeks of January. Residents with curbside pick-up service can call (780) 623-6739 to arrange for their trees to be collected. Residents outside of the collection area can bring trees to any landfill or transfer station. Only natural trees will be accepted, and trees must not have any tinsel or other decorations left on them. For every tree the County recycles, a sapling is planted in a local park. 

Need More Info? 

green@laclabichecounty.com | 780-623-6739

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes items that are poisonous, explosive, flammable, or corrosive.  Check for these symbols to determine if it’s considered hazardous waste.  These materials cannot be recycled or landfilled, instead they have to be taken to specialty facilities for proper disposal.

Lac La Biche County hosts Household Hazardous Waste Round-Ups free of charge for residents in June and October every year.  These roundups are held in conjunction with Environment Week in June, and Waste Reduction Week in October.  Watch our social media channels and advertising for reminders.

Any hazardous waste that comes from a business or institution must be taken by a specialty disposal company.  

Demolition Disposal

As a guide for contractors or residents conducting demolition operations in Lac La Biche County, we have developed a Demolition Disposal Guide to assist in making your project go smoother. It contains information you need to know how to properly proceed with a demolition project and the requirements for dealing with asbestos.

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Contact us for more information:

green@laclabichecounty.com | 780-623-6739

The County operates two landfills and four transfer stations. The Beaver Lake and Plamondon landfills are both Class II facilities, meaning they accept all types of waste except for hazardous materials. Transfer stations are smaller facilities where waste is stored and sorted before being transported to a landfill. Note that all of our landfills and transfer stations have the same recycling programs available for residents. However, transfer stations have limited capacity, so any large loads must go to a landfill. The transfer stations are located in Craigend, Hylo, Owl River and Rich Lake areas.

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HOURS OF OPERATION - Landfills and Transfer Stations (TS) 

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Open year-round, from 9 am to 4:30 pm on the days noted below:  

Beaver Lake Landfill:  Monday-Saturday 

Plamondon Landfill:  Tuesday-Saturday 

Craigend TS:  Wednesdays and Saturdays 

Hylo TS:  Wednesdays and Saturdays 

Owl River TS:  Tuesdays and Saturdays 

Rich Lake TS: Tuesdays and Saturdays


*Please note that tipping fees were increased effective May 1, 2021. As the rates weren’t adjusted for several years, a phased-in approach was implemented to achieve cost recovery for the disposal and processing costs of our waste and recycling material.

Did You Know... Residents can dispose of waste and recycling materials for free year-round if their loads weigh less than 500 kg (1102 lb).


Here are some average item weights for reference:

 Refrigerator 80-160 kg or 175-350 lbs
 Washing Machine 65-115 kg or 145-255 lbs
Couch 45-125 kg or 100-275 lbs
 Recliner 40-55 kg or 88-120 lbs

A weekly waste and recycling collection service is provided to residents in the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon and 
rural subdivisions. This helps to ensure a largeWondering what goes where? Click here. percentage of locally generated waste is efficiently sorted and processed.

  • Tuesdays - hamlet of Lac La Biche
  • Wednesdays - hamlet of Plamondon and Churchill Gates, Claude Lake, Clearwater Cove, Deer Meadows, Holowachuk Estates, Lac La Biche West, Lakeview Estates, Mission Spruce Bay, Summit Heights, Sunset Bay, Ulliac Beach, Young's Beach and Wedgewood/Green Banks, Mission Village Phase 2.

Please Note:  Residents who don't have curbside pick-up service can take waste and recyclables to a landfill or transfer station during regular operating hours.

Search how to dispose of different waste and recycling materials in our What Goes Where search wizard!

1. Add acceptable materials to each container. Refer to the 'What Goes Where' below for a list of acceptable materials.

2. Recyclables need to be within transparent bags in the blue recycling container. Waste items need to be within bags of any colour in the brown waste container.

3. Close the lid securely to prevent littering.

4. Park it by 8 am on collection days, with wheels against the curb (or just off the roadway) and the front side facing the centre of the road.

5. Leave an arm’s length of clearance on all sides.


Recycling is encouraged in order to increase the lifespan of our landfills. Recycling is the process of turning waste materials into new materials or objects. Items must be clean for recycling.  

  • Common recyclable items include: paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, electronics, tires, appliances, used motor oil, paint, agricultural baling twine, and more!
  • Residents with curbside pick-up service can use their blue containers to recycle certain materials. 

What Goes Where

To learn more about what materials are recyclable, check out What Goes Where, or email green@laclabichecounty.com, or call 780-623-6739.

Reuse Centres

Each of the County's landfills and transfer stations have a Reuse Centre. Residents can donate items that they no longer need or want for others to take for free. It’s kind of like a free garage sale!  Furniture, tools, exercise equipment, toys and more are accepted. For safety reasons, however, items like clothing and bedding are prohibited. Please call (780) 623-6739 for details.