Leo Johnston Memorial Award

The Leo Johnston Memorial Award Fund is a Portage College initiative that aims to distribute scholarships to Lac La Biche County residents, especially those pursuing law enforcement careers.

The fund draws its name from fallen RCMP Constable Leo N. Johnston, one of four RCMP slain in Mayerthorpe on March 3, 2005 while on duty. Constable Johnston was born in Lac La Biche, Alberta in 1972, and became an RCMP officer on April 17, 2001. Before passing away in the line of duty, Constable Johnston proved himself a remarkable example of fortitude and hard work. He relearned to walk and talk after a motorcycle accident in 1997, then enlisted in training that led to his deployment at the Mayerthorpe RCMP Detachment in 2001. The fund will remind students pursuing law enforcement careers of Constable Johnston’s example as they serve their own communities.

Primary consideration will be given to full-time students registered full-time in a Portage College program that will lead to further education in a law enforcement-related field (i.e. military, conservation, criminology, etc.).

Lac La Biche County recently gave another $10,000 cheque to Portage College to establish the fund, and plans to support it in the future with more contributions. However, in order to create a stable funding source that can offer awards to local students annually, Portage College continues to seek donations.

If you or your business would like to donate, please contact Beverley Moghrabi, Associate Vice President of Student Services at Portage College, at 780-623-5580 or bev.moghrabi@portagecollege.ca.