Main Street Revitalization

Phase One: 103 Street to 102 Street Now Reopen for Winter (Updated Oct. 31, 2023)

Keep in mind that final touches, like the installation of traffic lights, street lights, trees, and other aesthetic items will continue to occur through the winter and into 2024. 

Also, a reminder that the intersection of 103 Street and Main Street will be a four-way stop until traffic lights arrive later in the season.

What has been delayed?

Permanent Traffic Signals: Expected Dec. 2023 - Jan. 2024

  • Due to material supply, new traffic signals for the intersection of 103 St. and 101 Ave. will not be available until Dec. 2023 or Jan. 2024. Temporary traffic signals will be put in place to guide traffic until permanent signals can be installed.

Aesthetic Elements (Trees and Street Lights): Expected 2024

  • Mature trees cannot be planted until spring 2024 to ensure that they are able to take root and survive.
  • Due to material supply issues, new street lights are on backorder. The old light standards will be reinstalled temporarily, until the new lights are available to install in 2024.
  • Installation of these aesthetic elements may result in localized traffic interruptions from 103 St. to 102 St. in 2024.

Please also note: the final lift of paving will be completed prior to the end of the warranty period. The work has been planned to be completed at a later date in accordance with common construction practices.

Construction began on the Main Street Revitalization project in May 2023.

The Revitalization Project covers Main Street Lac La Biche from 100 Street to 103 Street and includes replacing underground utility lines and beautifying Main Street. The revitalization aspects, like benches, landscape beds, new trees, updated street lighting, specialized signage, and stamped pavement, are intended to support businesses along Main Street, creating an attractive atmosphere for residents and tourists. The underground utility lines will modernize aging infrastructure, and serve nearby business owners and residents for many years to come.

What does this mean for me? This means that you should expect disruptions along Main Street over the next three years. But don’t fret - we are working closely with our construction crew, consultants, business owners in the area, and the public to make sure we give as much notice as possible to road closures, detours, and other traffic accommodations. You’ll still be able to access all of your favourite stores and amenities.

What does this mean for businesses in the area? Businesses along Main Street will experience some road closures in their area. This is a significant streetscape project that will involve the removal of all existing surface material, resulting in phased road closures and detours throughout the project area. During construction, we will be working closely with businesses to help minimize impacts as much as possible.

Check out our business and amenity directory to learn how to access and support Main Street businesses during the 2023 construction season.

2023 Traffic Accommodations

Find out how to get around Lac La Biche during the summer of 2023 by taking a look at our traffic accommodation plan. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained, and additional parking is provided for near the construction site.

Click here to view/download a larger copy of the plan above.

What to Look Forward To…

There are many exciting changes coming to Main Street, as well as the retention of some key aspects you already enjoy about our downtown. This includes keeping the sidewalk width effectively the same, while increasing it at intersections to improve pedestrian safety. We will also be retaining the 60-degree parking angles. The introduction of left-hand turn lanes at each intersection will allow for the smooth flow of traffic and improves safety. The streetscaping improvements like benches and pedestrian scale lighting help to make a safe and more comfortable environment to enjoy the Main Street. This encourages users to linger, and in turn, creates a vibrant core where people can gather, celebrate, and enjoy what the shops and amenities have to offer.

2023 Progress Report: Main Street between 103 Street and 102 Street (Updated Sept. 25, 2023)

Completed Work

  • Setup and removal of traffic control and construction fencing.
  • Removal of existing light and traffic poles.
  • Removal and disposal of trees.
  • Removal of the existing surface structures including road and sidewalks.
  • Water main replacement including commissioning and the removal of temporary water services. Installation of new fire hydrants.
  • Sanitary sewer main replacement.
  • Replacement of all water and sanitary sewer services.
  • Installation of upgraded storm sewer network to improve drainage.
  • Installation of soil cell structures for improved tree health.
  • Installation of underground portions of electrical work. This includes conduit and concrete bases for the new decorative lighting features and street lights.
  • Installation of the concrete curbs and sidewalks between 103rd Street and 102nd Street.
  • Rough road core, base installation and Asphalt paving.
  • Erection of decorative concrete planter boxes and obelisk bases.
  • Temporary installation and energization of old street lights.
  • Installation of streetscape elements including benches, moose and bear prints.
  • Temporary line painting.
  • Installation of temporary concrete swales at trench drain locations.

Tasks to be Completed

  • Finishing for decorative concrete planter boxes and obelisks. Installation of artwork with decorative lighting.
  • Installation of new wayfinding and traffic signs.
  • Removal of old street lights and installation of new decorative street lights.
  • Above ground electrical connections for decorative lighting features.
  • Landscaping work including planting of trees and plants, and placement of mulch planter beds.
  • Installation of waste receptacles.
  • Removal of concrete swales and Installation of trench drain systems.
  • Placement of outstanding painted traffic markings.
  • Installation of traffic signals for the 103rd Street Intersection.
  • Asphalt overlay and stamped crosswalks (tentatively planned for 2025).

Information from Drop-In Sessions

We're holding drop-in sessions for business owners along Main Street Lac La Biche, although everyone is welcome to attend.

Check out our community calendar for more information on the next session.

Questions for Us?

If you have any concerns, or have any further questions, please email the project team at: You can also call County staff directly: or call

Ali Memon, Manager of Engineering Services
Cell: 780-404-6869

Ron Fraser, Associate CAO of Infrastructure Services
Cell: 780-623-6790

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