Business Licence Application

Lac La Biche County now has a Business License Program, Bylaw 22-002, to help us understand the types of businesses operating in our municipality, their owners/operators, the services they provide, and the number of individuals they employ. This information helps us determine business gaps, track new businesses, monitor business activity, and communicate with you more effectively.

Promoting Your Business

One of the reasons we've started a Business License Program is to promote what your business has to offer our community, the greater region, and beyond. You can opt out of our online business listing on the application form, but we highly encourage you to list your business.

How To Apply

Our revamped application is available for download by clicking here.

Instructions on how to submit your application are included on the form.

Business Licence Fees

If you submit your 2023 Business Licence application before July 1, 2023, the 2023 fees are waived. If you apply on or after July 1, 2023, the annual fees are listed below:

Resident Business$50 annually
Non-Resident Business$75 annually
Resident Home-Based Business$25 annually
Resident Hawker/Peddler$5 per week, to a maximum of $50 annually
Non-Resident Hawker/Peddler$10 per week, to a maximum of $50 annually

Application Processing Time

Business licence applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We will contact you if we need additional information to complete the processing of your application. You can expect to receive your business licence within a few days if you are picking it up in person, or 10 days if you wish to receive it by mail.

Planning on opening a new business?

Check out BizPal for information on everything you'll need to start up, including licences, permits and more! BizPal is a collection of information assembled by the Province of Alberta which tells prospective business owners what information they will need from all levels of government. 

Need help or more information?

Feel free to contact us for help filling out the application form or to ask any questions.

P:  (780) 623-5017