Store it, Don't Pour it

When you’re cooking and there’s grease in your pan, be sure to pour it into a heat resistant container instead of down the sink drain. Containers (with a lid) can then be disposed of in the garbage.

Did you know? Your pipes can get clogged and the sewer can backup if fats, oils and grease aren’t disposed of properly. This can result in damages and a cost to residents.

Remember, everyone (in all types of residences, including apartments or condominiums) should dispose of grease, oils and fats in the proper way. A backup could otherwise result in your sewer system, costing thousands of dollars to repair, and your municipality will not cover these costs.

Also, avoid clogging your sewer system by ensuring you never flush waste in your toilet, shower, dishwasher or bathtub. That includes not flushing any of the following in your toilet: feminine hygiene products, rags, baby or cleaning wipes, fats, oils or greases, cotton balls or swabs, prescription medication, cigarette butts, band-aids, dental floss, cat litter, or hair.

Let’s all do our part and remember to Store it, Don’t Pour it.