Protective Services

Office: 780-623-6774

The Protective Services Department is committed to protecting life, property, and the environment by providing quality services and public safety.  Our vision is to make Lac La Biche County a safer, more livable County by providing quality Fire Rescue, Emergency Management, and Disaster Response services.  Above all, we value Safety, Service, Relationships and Teamwork.

The Protective Services Department consists of 5 divisions: Emergency Management, Disaster Services, Fire Rescue Services, Fire Smart, and Safety Codes.

Headquarters is in the Protective Services Building at 9110 - Beaverhill Road in Lac La Biche attached to Fire Services Station 1. 

If you are seeking a dynamic, motivated group that is established in mutual trust and respect and committed to serving our community then consider a role in Protective Services.  We may just have a spot that fits your needs and ours. 

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Emergency Management

The department's supervisor who is the Director of Emergency Management (DEM) for the County is also responsible for the official Community Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). Elements of the CEMP were used during the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016, when the Bold Center was used as a reception centre for evacuees, and the 2020 – LLB Hwy 55 Flood. Protective Services – Emergency Management team is also members of the NEAHIMT – North East Alberta All Hazards Emergency Management Team, and ASSIST – Alberta Saskatchewan Incident Support Team. Our trained members when requested, may provide mutual aid respond to other municipalities to assist them during a disaster.

Emergency Response Plan

The County has always had a comprehensive plan for emergency and disaster responses, as well as mitigation. In this overview, you will find public information on the County’s alert and warning procedures (including Mutual Aid operations), how personnel and resources are organized in large-scale responses, and what powers are available to the County when a State of Local Emergency is declared. 

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Disaster Services

Fire Services currently has three SPU’s – Structure Protection Unit trailers. These units combined without the use of any manpower could protect up to 70 structures in the case of an impending wildfire. These units as well as our trained structure protection specialists have also provided mutual aid assistance for wildfires that have occurred in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.


Lac La Biche County Fire Rescue responds to emergency incidents like structure fires and motor vehicle collisions. Casual paid-on-call firefighters (75) operate in five districts, with Stations located in Hylo, Lac La Biche, Owl River, Plamondon and Rich Lake. 

On the administrative side, staff members oversee firefighter operations, logistics, and training, including recruitment, public education, and maintaining infrastructure and emergency equipment for the Department. 

Protective Services – Fire Services Division has mutual aid agreements signed by all neighbouring municipalities, First Nations, and Metis Settlements in proximity of Lac la Biche County, including with Alberta Forestry, Parks, and Tourism. This helps to ensure that additional resources are available if a disaster was to occur. Lac La Biche County is also a member of the Borderlands Emergency Management Mutual Aid Agreement, which was founded in 2020.

As a large municipality located within the boreal forest, with many rural subdivisions, the County has taken steps to reduce the risk of wildfire in the region.  The County has a Wildland-Urban Interface Plan that analyzes hazard risk levels and identifies areas of concern.


Fire Smart Assessments

Lac La Biche County offers free Fire Smart assessments and wood chipping for local residents. Trained inspectors will look at properties and recommend ways to reduce the danger of a wildfire starting and spreading. Recognizing that forested wilderness is all around us, the County also organizes information sessions and open houses to teach community members about the importance of Fire Smart's seven disciplines and fire prevention. Click on the link below to connect with us about your assessment.

Sprinkler Protection Program

Lac La Biche County offers sprinkler protection kits at cost to residents. The kits can be installed on building roofs and used to keep the structures and nearby ground wet in the event of a wildfire, making it much more difficult for them to catch fire. This is especially useful for rural homeowners. Please call (780) 623-6774 for more information.

Fire Inspection, ERAP-Emergency Response Action Plans, and Occupancy Load Requests

Lac La Biche County has an Alberta Safety Codes accredited fire inspection program for businesses and property owners within Lac La Biche County. The goal of the program is to help make Lac La Biche County a safer place by educating business and property owners about fire and community safety, and to identify and correct any fire or life safety issues.

Free Emergency Response Action Plan (ERAP) templates and on-site fire safety consultations are available upon request for businesses and commercial properties within the County.

Inspections and pre-incident site plans are provided by Safety Codes Officers with Protective Services.

How to Request an Inspection

Please click on the link below to request an inspection and occupancy load calculation for your business or property. For more information contact: Fire Services Administration at (780) 623-6774.

The Fire Services department regulates burn permits during fire season.

To protect the community and the environment, permits are required for all burning besides campfires from February 20 to October 31 in 2024. Permits are free but site inspections may be required, and permits may be conditional, to ensure safety.

How can I obtain a burn permit?

Residents must contact either the County or Alberta Agriculture & Forestry, depending on which area of the municipality they live in. To determine which office to contact consult the maps below.

Maps - Click on either map below to determine what permitting zone the property is within:


LARGE MAP PERMITTING ZONES - broken down by quarter sections - VIEW MAP

County Fire Permits

If the property falls within Lac La Biche County outside the Forest Protection Area, click the link below to fill out an electronic request. Please note it may take up to three days for your request to be reviewed and approved. For more information about County fire permits call (780) 623-6767.

Please click here to apply for a fire permit from the County outside the Forest Protection Area.

Provincial Fire Permits

For more information about obtaining a Province of Alberta (Agriculture & Forestry) fire permit call - (780) 623-5388.

Fire Bans

Fire bans and other restrictions may be implemented during fire season. When a fire ban is announced, all burn permits are suspended and all types of burning are prohibited, including campfires. Typically, the County and Alberta Forestry, Parks, and Tourism have similar restrictions in the areas they monitor. To view all provincial fire restrictions visit the Alberta Fire Bans webpage by clicking on the link below.

Burning Outside of Fire Season

Any burning that is done outside of fire season should still be reported so the authorities know where to expect smoke. This reduces the number of false alarms to which firefighters respond.  Call (780) 623-6774 to report your burning during these months. All residents that burn either with or without a permit are responsible for their fire.