Public Hearings & Statutory Notices

This page contains official notices relating to public hearings, Council meetings and other matters that Lac La Biche County is required to provide, either by the Municipal Government Act of Alberta or Council's own direction.

Public hearings are opportunities for people who may be affected by a proposed bylaw or resolution to speak directly to Council. The Municipal Government Act specifies when Council must hold public hearings. At times, Council may also decide to hold a public hearing when not required to do so.

Some bylaws require Council to hold a public hearing prior to second reading, and certain resolutions require a public hearing before being voted upon.

During a public hearing, Council may hear from any person, group or representative of a group who says they are affected by the proposed bylaw or resolution, and who has complied with Council's procedures. Council may also hear from any other person who wishes to make statements and whom Council agrees to hear.

Public hearings take place in accordance with Council's Meeting Procedures Bylaw, and each public hearing notice outlines the procedures to be followed. Please contact Legislative Services at or (780) 623-1747 for more information, to register to speak during a public hearing or to file a written submission for a public hearing.

After considering the matter and the information heard during a public hearing, and any other matter Council considers appropriate, Council may pass the bylaw or resolution in question, make amendments it considers necessary and then pass it without another public hearing being required, or defeat the bylaw or resolution.

Upcoming Public Hearings

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at 11 am: Notice of Public Hearing Bylaw 24-001 (click here to read the notice)

Certain bylaws, Council resolutions and quasi-judicial boards require legislated notice. Depending on the nature of the matter, further steps may be taken after the public has been notified. Each notice will outline what actions may take place and when. Please contact Legislative Services at or (780) 623-1747 if you have questions about the below notices.

Current Notices

Bylaw 23-033 New Aquatics Centre Additional Borrowing (click here to read the draft bylaw)

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (click here to read the Notice of Decision)

Intention to sell land for less than market value (click here to read the Notice of Intention)

County Council's regular meetings are held on the first, second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers on the second floor of McArthur Place (10307 100 Street, Lac La Biche). Notice of regular meetings is not required to be given, but if Council changes the date, time or location of a regular meeting then notice must be provided to the public.

Special Council Meetings may be called outside of the regular meeting schedule, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. Every effort is made to provide at least 24 hours notice to the public, but if this is not possible, then at least two-thirds of Council members must agree in writing to waive the notice provisions.

Meeting Notices

Notice of Cancelled Meeting: May 7, 2024 Strategic Committee of Council

Notice of Cancelled Meetings: August 6 and 13, 2024 Regular Council Meetings and Strategic Committee of Council Meetings

Notice - Strategic Committee of Council Meeting Schedule (click here to read the notice)

Notice of Regular Council Meeting Schedule