McArthur Park Redevelopment

Lac La Biche County is excited to announce that the redevelopment of McArthur Park, located in the heart of the hamlet of Lac La Biche, started in summer 2023.

Timeline and Budget

Council has provided direction to complete the redevelopment project in three phases, with all work finished by fall 2025.

The overall project budget is $7.3 million.

McArthur Park Concept: Park ViewMcArthur Park Concept: Beach View

Project Progress Update (current as of Nov. 17, 2023)

  • Construction on Phase 1 is complete, including site lighting (which you'll now see throughout the park).
  • The beach area has been cleaned up. Sand has been sifted, and the beach has been expanded significantly.
  • Work will start on the permanent pier in winter 2024. Winter is the ideal time to complete this work, since ice on the lake allows crews to easily install the necessary pier infrastructure.
  • The site currently contains clay and topsoil stockpiles. These stockpiles will be turned into single-season, temporary tobogganing hills for families to enjoy over the 2023-2024 winter season!

Planning for construction of Phase 2 features (skateboard park, bike pump track) has now begun, with construction starting in spring 2024. 

A First-Class Beach, a Cultural Hub, and Public Square: New Features in McArthur Park

The redevelopment plan features new pedestrian walkways, numerous seating areas, tree and shrub planting, and the naturalization of some segments of existing shoreline.

The County will pursue regulatory approvals to provide users with a first-class beach experience. Other shoreline developments include a seasonal dock to allow boaters to access the Park during ice-free months, as well as a permanent pier to enjoy views of Lac La Biche Lake and the northern lights.

Other features include:

  • new bike skills park and pump track; 
  • a skateboard park;
  • an outdoor market area; 
  • improved lighting;
  • a historical and cultural commemorative garden; and 
  • a public square featuring a holiday tree for annual light-up events.

This design is intended to create opportunities for many year-round activities and events, with an emphasis on celebrating local culture, providing more comfortable places for wintertime programming and activities for all ages.

How the Concept Was Developed

Conceptual planning for McArthur Park started in 2020, which included engagement with residents, local stakeholders and County Council as the plan was redeveloped. Options were then presented to County Council starting early 2021, providing direction based on public opinion, and ensuring the Park includes locally-relevant design features.


For more information, please contact Darrell Lessmeister, Associate CAO of Recreation and Community Services, at or 780-623-6816.